The numbers

On the evening of Tuesday, October 23rd, after a 24-hour delay, the results of our election were made public and two key numbers were revealed in the contest for mayor.

In this 2018 municipal election, 1,248 voters in Wellesley Township signalled their support for me. This left me 23 votes shy of a victory.

My initial reaction was to focus on the 23 vote gap, and to wonder what my incredible campaign team and I could have done differently. Then, at 2:00 o’clock in the morning, it hit me. Stop focusing on the 23, and appreciate and recognize the 1,248 who expect more from their municipal leadership.

So today, I thank each and every one of those 1,248 voters.

1,248I thank you for asking questions. I thank those who put up a lawn sign. I thank you for coming to the debates or being one of thousands who watched online. I thank you for the hundreds of emails, texts, and private messages that contained questions about my vision for Wellesley Township and my experience to lead us toward a thriving and prosperous community. I thank you for taking the time to make an informed choice and most importantly, I thank you for taking the time to cast your ballot. 1,248.

I also want to extend a huge thank you to the dozens of people who volunteered during this 5-month campaign.

To the 25 people who took the time to meet with me and sign those initial endorsement papers back in May, I thank you for being an early adopter of the Expect More campaign. I extend thanks to the team who spent time to post election signs around the township, making sure we got the word out that an election as on the horizon, and Wellesley Township had a choice at the polls. I want to thank volunteers who joined me as we spent countless hours, knocking on doors, greeting the residents of this township to ensure they were prepared to vote online once they had been introduced to their candidate. On this note, I especially need to thank my father, Claude Martin who knocked on hundreds of doors, proudly introducing residents to candidate, Bernia Wheaton before revealing that not only was I qualified for the role of mayor, but I was also his daughter. Your pride and conviction was immediately evident. Thank you, Dad.

Financial support made this campaign achievable. To each and every contributor, from $20 to $1,200, each dollar mattered. Thank you!

Today, I extend my utmost gratitude to my two daughters for all of their love and support over these busy weeks and months. You mean the world to me, Marina and Amelia. I love you!

Over the past hours, hundreds of messages have come in from around the township, the province, across Canada, and beyond. Words of support and encouragement have come from voters, family, friends, candidates in other municipalities, peers, and clients. Your words have humbled me beyond measure. Thank you.

I will leave you with one more number.


The next municipal election is in four years, the year 2022, and I will be your candidate if you wish for me to serve this community. We have learned much from this experience. As Global News said, we have “organized a credible campaign”, and the number 23 is not a defeat. The number 1,248 is an incredible accomplishment.

Thank you, Wellesley Township.